Some of our largest projects

Wess Motors Toyota Cer dealer center, Riga, Ulmana g.

Wess Motors Toyota Car dealer center, Riga, Bergi

Karlo Motors Skoda/Citroen Car dealer center, Riga

Musa Motors Renault/Dacia Car dealer center, Riga

Skandi Motors Mitsubishi/Nissan Car dealer center, Riga

Autobrava Seat/Fiat Car dealer center, Riga

TC Motors Subaru Car dealer center, Riga

LAS1 airport vehicles production company, Riga

GM Helicopters Service center, Jumprava, Latvia

VW Car dealer center, Kaliningrad, Russia


All sparybooth models are possible to upgrade with several options: burner type, air volume, amount of lightning, floor type, service doors, etc.

For more information and exact price quotation please send email to: // +371-29552553

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